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“Late stage customization" application

How an MPRINT solution contributes to more sustainability...

Digital printing facilitates solutions for more sustainability! At the same time, it can noticeably increase efficiency and profitability.

An investment in digital printing technology offers attractive opportunities for optimizing workflow, increasing production capacity, providing new marketing, brand safety, and traceability solutions, in addition to increasing sustainability.

Environmental and sustainability issues are becoming increasingly important in all industries. This is also the case in label production where digital printing offers crucial advantages.

With this technology, the exact required quantity can be produced - calculated overproduction of labels due to setup processes is eliminated, and print waste is reduced. Also, unlike other printing processes, digital printing does not require additional materials such as blankets or plate materials.

Because digital printing can make each label look different, printers have the ability to print labels individually (just in time), which is particularly attractive for short runs, as it eliminates the need for the corresponding print preparation processes and significantly reduces the time required. This leads to higher productivity and less waste, due to elaborate machine settings .

Labels produced in large quantities on traditional machines can only be individualized with consecutive numbers, codes, etc. inline at the end – i.e. during the running process.

Highly-refined labels, such as those used in the wine and spirits industry, can easily be pre-produced, and the individualization such as vintage, grape variety, alcohol content can be imprinted later, on demand and in small batches. In this cases, we speak of "late stage customization" because the specialization for an order is postponed to the latest possible point in time. This not only saves costs, but also offers a one-of-a-kind constellation of mass production, with the highest degree of individualization up to batch size one. Apart from the sustainability effect, the customer now simultaneously benefits from maximum flexibility.

For the brand owner, the ability to reduce or eliminate label inventory, reduce the time-to-market and improve supply chain efficiency can provide compelling reasons to shift to digital label production. Add to that many more marketing opportunities, such as multiple versions, variations through variable design for promotion, or personalized labels for regional, seasonal or event-specific variations, all of which are aimed at creating value and profitability while increasing sustainability.

We optimize resources for sustainability and make digital inkjet printing accessible to all industrial users.

MPRINT Digital inkjet printing: simple . intuitive . powerful



Ideal for applications such as variable data printing, coding & marking


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