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We are an international innovation leader with an excellent reputation that makes digital inkjet printing simple . intuitive . powerful.

MPRINT stands for innovation and passion in the development of digital printing machines. This is accompanied by profound expertise in mechanical engineering with deep knowledge of the printing technology based on our decades-long experience. This combination is unique and is reflected in our success over the last 20 years. The quality of MPRINT products is top of the line, as can be expected from a company of the Black Forest. In order to offer customers the highest level of reliability, we rely on both, an unusual depth of production in our modern production facilities and on our reliable supply partners. The decisive factor, however, is our dedication and attention to developing specific solutions which makes the user’s job easier and the equipment more efficient than anything else in the market.

As a system supplier, we offer all services, accessories and consumables because: 

"Our machines and our services must be as fast and agile as we are" (Michael Morlock, founder and CEO). The result is the typical MPRINT efficiency, which characterizes the performance and cost-effectiveness of an MPRINT solution.


More and more products with shorter life cycles, shorter runs and many varying customers. Digital printing systems from MPRINT, the technology leader, are the perfect solution for precisely this development in the print market. They create maximum flexibility for fast reaction to new market requirements in order to master today's and tomorrow's printing challenges.
They help us put together the optimal press for every task in the graphic arts industry as well as in the industrial environment (direct to shape). After all, today print shops and service providers have to retool frequently in order to be able to serve customers with a wide variety of requirements quickly and flexibly.

"We can only be successful in the long term if our customers are able to solve problems and/or make a profit with the equipment and concepts from MPRINT"
(Marcus Stickel, Managing Director MPRINT and Director Business Development, KURZ Group)


Take a look at our company brochure for a complete overview:

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Corporate Headquarters:

MPRINT Morlock GmbH & Co. KG
Ruhesteinstr. 349, 72270 Baiersbronn, Germany

Sales and Service Branch America


6312 Muir Court, Huntersville, NC 28078, USA

Code Of Conduct

As a company of KURZ Group, we are associated with their Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct defines behaviors that are applied in a variety of environments and contexts, depending on the situation.

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The KURZ Group

Making every product unique

As an internationally active company with over 5,500 employees worlwide, KURZ has been setting new standards in the field of attractive and functional surface finishing for over 120 years.

KURZ coatings decorate products, enhance brands, identify goods, protect surfaces and prevent counterfeiting. On top of that, KURZ backs optical elements with digital functions and links the visual world with the virtual world.

The KURZ Group provides complete solutions including project consulting, machine and tooling technology and is established at more than 30 locations worldwide. KURZ manufactures in Europe, Asia and the USA according to uniform quality and environmental standards. With a global network of subsidiaries, representatives and sales offices, KURZ ensures close cooperation, reliable delivery and individual on-site support.

Quality and innovation at KURZ:

The KURZ corporate philosophy is based on three pillars: Customer orientation, technological edge and corporate quality. The implemented quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 serves to support this philosophy.

Download "DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate"

Sustainability – BE A GREEN LEADER:

Nature is the highest good on earth. This is why we must work together to raise awareness of the need for a healthy environment. As a market leader in coating technology, KURZ is aware of its global responsibility for our planet. Only a balance between people and the environment can create a healthy living space for future generations.
For five decades, KURZ has been working on the positive implementation of a holistic KURZ lifecycle. The core principles here are the sustainable and careful use of natural resources, top quality and increased efficiency. Because the value chain starts with each individual product.


MPRINT stands for decades of experience in the development of conventional and digital printing machines, flanked by extensive experience in mechanical engineering:



Company founding of MPRINT Morlock GmbH & Co. KG  by Michael Morlock



Development and introduction of the first digital MPRINT label press based  on thermal transfer technology



Presentation of the first digital MPRINT single-pass inkjet press (direct to shape)



Founding of MPRINT LLC­ in Huntersville, North Carolina



Launch of the first thermal transfer/inkjet hybrid press



Introduction of the MPRINT inkjet label press



Technology partnership with Leonhard KurzStiftung GmbH & Co KG and joint development of a hybrid machine for digital film enhancement



Presentation of the groundbreaking MONOJET® digital printing unit: Smart, Compact, Modular & Flexible



Kick-off for the expansion of the MONOJET® model range to include larger print widths (up to the 432 model as standard)



Participation of Leonhard Kurz Stiftung GmbH & Co KG as a minority shareholder in MPRINT and launch of the jointly developed DM Jetliner / Uniliner 2nd Generation



Market launch of industrial printing systems based on water-based ink technology



Integration of MPRINT into the company network of Leonhard Kurz Stiftung GmbH & Co KG as well as presentation of the DM Jetliner / Uniliner 3. Generation